How to stay top-of-mind in today’s market

Communicating with customers and prospects during the customer-cycle is an ongoing process

With regular contact through direct marketing, social media and email marketing, your business and brand will stay top-of-mind

Mind has extensive experience helping businesses with effective customer marketing programs, email marketing, direct marketing and social media

Take the work load off your desk. Let us help you communicate with customers regularly

We can assist with content development, ideas and write text


Direct Marketing

Traditional direct marketing is a powerful way to retain and nurture relationships with your customers. We can help you with a direct marketing program so you can keep in touch with your customers regularly.

Over the years, Mind has helped small businesses and organisations with direct marketing. We have the experience to assist with ideas generating valuable content.

We can help you with the text and writing including feedback and surveys.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost effective and measurable way of communicating with customers and prospects.

We can design email newsletter templates that you can use for email marketing and campaigns, and guide you how to use online email marketing programs. You will be able to measure and improve your campaigns and it will increase visitors to your website.

direct marketing Contact us, find out how we can help.

Social Media Marketing

Engage and share information with customers and prospects through Social Media. We can assist with branding and set up of systems to keep your social media channels updated with little effort.

  • Business Facebook, Twitter, Instagram customisation and help to get your website and pages Followed or Liked.
  • Business LinkedIn customisation and assistance growing your social network
  • Business YouTube channel customisation of your channel, adding videos and linking YouTube and videos to your website